DT Sprayfoam Inc.: Quality Spray foam Insulation Services in Redvers, Estevan, Regina, Carlyle, Weyburn, and surrounding areas in Saskatchewan

Making your living spaces more energy efficient and environmental friendly, giving you better protection against molds and mildew, better sealing of cracks and voids, longer life span, all these and more are just some of the advantages of treating your house with spray foam insulation. In Saskatchewan, such as in the areas of Redvers, Estevan, Regina, Carlyle, and Weyburn, there’s only one contractor to reckon with for all your spray foam insulation needs: DT Sprayfoam Inc.! Whether it’s spray foam insulating your attic, roofing system, or your garage, DT Sprayfoam Inc. will get the job done professionally, aiming to deliver more than satisfactory results to our customers.


The DT Sprayfoam Inc. is an insulator contractor which has been offering spray foam insulation products and services in and around Redvers, Estevan, Regina, Carlyle, Weyburn, and other nearby places in Saskatchewan since 2006. We only use premium insulation materials specifically the Polarfoam 7300 Soya as well as Class 1 Foam used in oilfield applications. From attics, garages, roofing, the entire house to pole frame buildings, shops, and Quonsets, our team of expert insulators have the knowledge, experience, and the right equipment to spray foam insulate these places in no time. Our well-skilled and knowledgeable insulators plus our staunch commitment to providing great results have made us one of the most credible insulation contractors in Saskatchewan.


Let the DT Sprayfoam Inc. be your aid in creating a more comfortable indoor living environment for you and your loved ones by treating your house with spray foam insulation! Helmed by credible experts and equipped with the right materials and equipment, DT Sprayfoam Inc. will make your attic, roofing, and your entire house more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and better place/s to live. Again, our services are available in Redvers, Estevan, Regina, Carlyle, Weyburn, and other nearby places in Saskatchewan. Call now for estimates.



POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA is an environmentally friendly, high performance, closed cell rigid polyurethane foam used for insulation and is spray applied exclusively by certified applicators.


SPF Roofing

A Sprayfoam Roofing system can be appled to: Metal, Asphalt, BUR(tar & gravel) ,EPDM, concrete and many other membranes.


Why Sprayfoam Roofing?

  • Lowers heating and air conditioning costs dramatically
  • No more water leaks with self flashing around ducts, stacks and vents
  • No more rust issues
  • Lightweight (reduce roof sag and better snow load tolerance)
  • Lowers roof temps which eliminates damage due to expansion & contraction from extreme temperature changes
  • Longevity

Metal Roofs- the rubber seals used on fasteners can break down due to extreme temp changes causing the roof to eventually leak

Tar & Gravel Roofs- sensitive to temperature changes & over time blister and break down, therefore leaking especially around your chimneys, eaves, and flashings. We at DT Sprayfoam can fix your leaky issues.


Sprayfoam vs. Traditional Insulation

One of the most important things when building a house, shop or garage is to have a healthy energy efficient building.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

  • Creates an air-tight sealed thermal envelope.
  • When applied it expands 20-30 times it's original size filling every nook and cranny unlike traditional insulation products.
  • It adheres to almost any clean dry surface and will not settle or shrink.
  • When applied at 2” or more it is a vapour barrier so qyproc can be applied right over it.

Fibreglass and cellulose will settle and can lose up to half their insulation value if water or moisture invade the wall cavity.


Most of the damaging moisture within a building envelope is the result of convection currents both through and within the wall cavity. Warm moist inside air circulates and exchanges with cold dry outside air in a cavity insulated with fibreglass . This destroys the insulations effectiveness as well as can mold and rot. Spray Foam stops air movement resulting in no convection, therefore no condensation and no moisture problems.


When you invest in Spray Foam Insulation in your building you will reap long term returns in saved energy dollars, more comfort(no breezes) as well as maintain more consistent temperatures. Increased efficiency in your building allows for downsizing of heating and cooling system equipment.

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We at DT Sprayfoam have come from a farming background. We know what a properly Insulated building can do to make working conditions comfortable. Eliminate wasted heat in winter & keep cooling costs in summer to a minimum with Sprayfoam. You will see unbelievable returns on your heating and cooling cost.


Insulation available for:  Barns, Pole sheds, Red Iron Buildings & Quonsets


Agriculture Sprayfoam Benefits:

  • Eliminates Condensation
  • More efficient temperature control
  • Fast Installation
  • Easy to apply in hard to reach areas
  • Complete Seal of building
  • With 2"of foam it's a complete air & vapour barrier

Application in the Oilfield

Oilfield projects can be challenging to insulate. With 10 years of experience in installing the highest quality of a class 1 Sprayfoam product and 25 years of a welding background, we are confident we can help.


Oilfield skids- Condensation, rust, and oxidization can be a problem with most metal skids. Applying Sprayfoam to the underside of the skid creates a thermal break or barrier between the cold meeting the warm, moist interior of the building. Now condensation, rust and oxidization are prevented from happening and you now have a comfortable interior atmosphere. Our portable unit allows us to come to you so no need for the hassle to move it.


Frac Tanks – keeping the water in the tanks heated in the winter months can be very challenging. Sprayfoam insulating the tanks can greatly reduce the energy needed to keep the contents heated throughout the day therefore saving you time and money.


Tanks – All types of tanks can be insulated with Sprayfoam& then a UV resistant Coating applied over top. This will protect them from rust and harsh weather therefore adding life to your tank. Can be applied to new and reconditioned tanks.

Blow-In Attic

We at DT Sprayfoam offer top notch blow-in attic insulation & service. Proper ventilation & circulation in your attic are our top priority. We can help show you the importance of proper preparation for your soffits, wiring, pot lights & light fixtures. Contact us for a free assessment in your attic. (306-485-8950)

Blow-in insulation available for:

  • Shops
  • Houses
  • Garages